AS037: Interview with Erik J. Fisher, Host of the Beyond the To-Do List Podcast [Podcast]


Erik-J.-FisherI’m excited to feature Erik J. Fisher on this episode. He is the host of the very successful Beyond the To-Do List Podcast. In each episode, he interviews notable authors and leaders about how to be productive and successful in work and in life. I love the show because it’s practical and down-to-earth.

He is also the co-author, along with Jim Woods, of the book Ready Aim Fire!: A Practical Guide To Setting And Achieving Goals which is volume 1 of a series based on his podcast.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Erik on the topics of goals, what it means to be successful, and a few other topics that will be of interest to anyone seeking to make a difference with their art and work.

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Interview with Erik Fisher

In this interview, Erik shares with us:

  • The story behind how his podcast came about
  • Why he’s so passionate about the topic of goals
  • How setting goals can help you make 2014 your best year yet
  • How you can set aside your perfectionist nature and press on toward your goals
  • His advice for building a support system in your life
  • How he would invest $500 in personal growth
  • The common denominators of success, based on his interviews with successful people
  • How he makes time for all his responsibilities
  • The podcasts and books that are impacting him

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If you enjoyed this episode, send Erik a Tweet: @erikjfisher.

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  • Jim Woods

    Really enjoyed this show gentlemen! So much fun!

    • kentsanders

      Thanks Jim, appreciate it! I had a lot of fun doing it.