AS023 : Building a Business with Your Art (with Rebecca Ahn) [Podcast]

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What do you think of when you hear the term “business plan”?  Do you eyes glaze over in boredom?  Do you feel intimidated by whole business side of things?  Do you want to focus on creating art rather than worrying about money and what seems like some of the less exciting aspects of building your platform or becoming successful?

rebecca ahnI’ve got some great news for you: help is on the way! My special guest on this episode is Rebecca Ahn. She is the author of the new book The Productive Artist’s Business Plan: How To Create the Business & Life You Want as a Creative Entrepreneur. She has had quite an interesting journey as an artist, all the way from working at Google, to being a filmmaker and now helping artists with the business side of things.  We’ll have a lot of fun in that interview.

Here are three great reasons to keep listening to this week’s show:

  • If you want to be inspired by Rebecca’s fascinating journey in the arts.
  • If you want some simple, practical tips to help you become a better business person.
  • If you want to gain some insights in your creative life from the riches of God’s word.

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Biblical Foundations

Have you ever thought about where your creative spirit comes from? As a person of faith, I believe the desire and ability to create comes from God himself.  In fact, this is baked right into the beginning of the Bible.  The first five words of Genesis are, “In the beginning, God created.” The very first image of God we have in the Bible is that of a Creator.

God gave us the desire and ability to be creative.  But how should we respond to this? I offer three suggestions:

  1. We should be grateful. No matter what talents you have, be thankful to God.
  2. We should be humble. Whatever good comes from your abilities, you can’t take ultimate credit for it. That goes to God
  3. We should be responsible. You must be a good steward of your gifts.  You are not your own, and your gifts belong to God. You simply get to use them for a while.

If you do these three things—be grateful, be humble, be responsible—you will be in the best possible position to honor God and serve people.

Feature Segment: Interview with Rebecca Ahn

What you’ll learn in our interview:

  • What it’s like to work at Google
  • How she got started in the film industry
  • The skinny on what a film producer actually does
  • Why it’s important to determine your target audience
  • What the “productive artist’s” method is and how it can benefit you
  • What to do if you feel intimidated by the business side of things
  • What books have had a big impact on her as an artist

Episode Resources

Book: The Productive Artist’s Business Plan: How To Create the Business & Life You Want as a Creative Entrepreneur

Book: The Hero with a Thousand Faces by Joseph Campbell

Book: The Complete Works of Shakespeare by William Shakespeare

Website: The Productive Artist

You can connect with Rebecca through her Facebook page and Twitter. Check out her profile on IMDb (Internet Movie Database) and her YouTube channel.

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